Uncle Buck

My Projects

I was asked for this project to pick a scene from a movie, television show or a full song and create the typography for the words. I chose to animate the text to a scene from on of my favorite movies, Uncle Buck, where he meets the vice principal of his niece’s school which takes an interesting turn. In addition to adding to the text, I added images and animated those images using Adobe After Effects. I used this clip from a copy I own of the movie, but I do not own the full rights, it was just used for the purpose of this assignment. After spending a significant amount of time animating the text and images to the audio clip, I completed this project. Enjoy Uncle Buck.

Why I chose certain animations

Since this assignment was open ended for me to choose exactly what I wanted to do, I decided that the best way to animate what is happening in this scene would be through different variations of text to match the characters. In this scene, Uncle Buck and the Vice Principal have completely different perspectives on expectations for children in school which can be show in the texts I chose to match these personalities. Then I felt that there needs to be emphasis on certain words as they are said. So that helped me decide on how to arrange the texts and what size they should be to show their importance. Lastly, I felt that there needs to be more than just text to push the intensity of this scene. To do this, I then animated images to add to the text. The most important animation being the quarter that he takes out of his pocket and flips onto her desk. This is the defining moment for Uncle Buck in this scene as he goes from the one being attacked to standing his ground.

What I’m Proud of vs. What I want to Improve on

I am incredibly proud with how the project turned out, especially as someone who had very basic understanding of the After Effects software. What I am most proud of in this video are the animated images and how their animation helps drive home the points being made in this argument. As well, I am proud of the text come together as a sort of puzzle. These texts are not just appearing on the screen in order like subtitles, the size and font are grabbing your attention to show emphasis of what these characters are saying.

While I am incredibly proud of this project, there are a couple things I would like to improve on. Mainly these are the elements that my professor shared with me as feedback on this assignment. The first thing I would like to improve on is perfecting that quarter animation. I would have like to animate it in a way that seems to closer to a realistic interpretation of a quarter being flipped. The other thing would then be adding more animation elements. In the beginning of the video, it is mostly just text and I would like to add more animated images like the end of this video.



My Projects

For this piece, I pieced together separate shots to make the person on screen appear as though they were recorded in a single shot. My friend Steph Lehocky helped me out by being my star dancer and perform the YMCA dance. To accomplish this effect, I had Steph dance to a small portion of the YMCA in different spots on a stationary camera. I then used Adobe After Effects to edited the clips together. Although I own the CD that this song is on, I do not own the rights to the song itself. It was used for educational purposes only. I hope you enjoy the video.