Don’t Even Get Me Started…

My Projects

This is my thesis project for my graduate program in Digital Communication and Media Arts at DePaul University. You can learn more about the program I am a part of by clicking this link. For my thesis project I decided to work with my advising professor on extending the podcast I originally created for a Journalism Podcasting course. For this project, I wanted to complete a total of four goals:

  1. Lengthen the original podcasts to 30 minutes total with an additional 15 minute segment. As well, add five more podcasts to create a total of ten to complete the project.
  2. Design a logo and theme around the podcast that reflects my work.
  3. Create a website that hosts these podcasts as well as additional information about the works themselves and the project as a whole.
  4. Post these works to the website Soundcloud to allows listeners to share the content easily through formats such as social media.

The first goal for this project was to extend on the five original 15-minute podcasts I recorded for the course by editing those original episodes and adding another element to it. I decided that I would add an additional 15-minute segment to the beginning of each podcast entitled People, Politics and Pop Culture. In this segment, I would dig into these topics from my own personal perspective and give the listeners a sense of who I am as a podcaster. The second half of the episode then continued the original segment where I interviewed friends and family to talk about topics of interest to them and things that you “don’t even want to get them started on.”

The second goal for this project was to design a logo and theme around the podcast. Ultimately, I wanted this logo and theme to reflect the work I was doing in the podcast. I designed this logo with a couple different things in mind, the first being the color I wanted it to be. Before I started creating this logo, I did some research on logo colors and their purpose and message. I decided on choosing purple or violet because it reflects education, creativity and uniqueness. I felt that those were the three things that embodied my podcast as the topics discussed educates my listeners on issues of importance such as politics, is a creative outlet for not only me, but my guests to talk about topics they are passionate about, and is unique in that it has its own personality. The second thing I had in mind while creating this logo was the shape that would drive the theme of this podcast. Since this podcast was created to be a “rant” podcast and the title itself reflected that, I needed to find a symbol that demonstrates it. The word don’t helped me ultimately come to the octagonal shape most commonly know as relating to a Stop Sign. This word hold a lot of weight in telling the viewer to stop and it only made sense to choose such a shape to be the main symbol for my logo. Together, these things create the logo and theme around my podcast entitled Don’t Even Get Me Started…

The third goal for this project was then to create the website that would host podcasts and any additional information discussed in each episode. The front page of this site begins with a banner image of me and a guest I recorded with and the title of the podcast. This is meant to be the element that grabs the viewer’s attention when they first arrive at the site, in order to get a sense of what the podcast Don’t Even Get Me Started… is all about. Then, as the user scrolls down the page, the podcasts are shown in reverse order, starting with the most recent episode and finishing with the first episode. That way regular listeners don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to listen to the most recent episode. I structured the front the page this way so that listeners don’t have to click around the site to get to the main content, it’s right there for them to find and listen to. In addition to the podcast itself, I provide links to additional information that is discussed in each episode. There may be certain topics my guests and I may talk about that the listener wants to look into further and these are helpful links that they can click on. The other tabs on this site include this page where viewers can read more about the project, a video and link to information about the DePaul Digital Communication and Media arts program, and a link to my portfolio where viewers can see other works I have done throughout my undergraduate and graduate years.

The fourth and final goal for this project was to put these podcasts up on a site where listeners can access and share these episode easily. Soundcloud was the site I chose as it provides an RSS feed that allows me to link these podcasts directly to this website. As well, Soundcloud allows users to easily share content through email and social media sites. That way, listeners can do more than just hear what my guests and I have to say, but can share it with the world as well.

After completing all ten of these podcasts, designing the logo and theme, and creating the website, I learned a lot about podcasting and the opportunities it can provide to me as a content creator. My most significant learning outcome from this project was discovering the different areas that I can explore for a career path after graduation. Whether I choose sound design, graphic design or website design, this project allowed me get a sense of what it is like to be a professional podcaster and the podcast itself is the physical representation of this. This project allowed me to record, edit and create a design around the theme of Don’t Even Get Me Started…While this project offered a great deal of challenges along the way, I feel that I have created a product I am proud of. It has allowed me to demonstrate my skills as a sound designer, content creator and graphic designer.

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You can click here if you want to visit the official site for Don’t Even Get Me Started…