DePaul Liturgical Choir

My Projects

When I began this project, I had a variety of different ideas as to what I wanted this video to look like. In my moving image workshop course I was given the task for my final project to capture a organization of people and share what their message and vision is as an organization. I immediately thought of this group of people at DePaul who have been a major part of my college experience and who have shaped throughout this time. I wanted to capture why I love being a part of this choir in this video. As well, I wanted it to be something that they can keep and share with others. I only want this choir to continue to grow and strengthen as time continues and I think that putting this video together for them can truly help with that. I will say that what these friends of mine shared in this video was truly genuine and they are the reason this work came together as well as it did. I hope you enjoy learning about the DePaul University Liturgical Choir.