My Projects

“Time does not pass, it continues”  -Marty Rubin 

When I was given this assignment, all I had shared with me was the word time. How I chose to communicate that word through photography was completely up to me. I became inspired one day when I was interacting with my friends during a normal night out. What I realized in a moment I was sharing with them was that when I looked up from my phone at the group, we were all preoccupied with our phones at that exact moment. While we may have been sharing that space together physically, we were not sharing it mentally or emotionally. Our minds were somewhere else and that made me think about how every one of us spends our time. We may find ourselves using technology to pass the time, but the world still continues on around us. We were busy preoccupied with cyberspace when we should have been paying attention to our physical space.

Slowly, I started to notice how those around me seem to use up their time with this small piece of technology they hold in their hands. The place in which this happens differs from person to person, but many of us rely on our smartphones to keep us preoccupied. To best capture this, I decided to carry around my camera for the next and capture as many moments as possible in which my friends pull out their smart phones. In the beginning of that week, I had to warn them that I may photographed them at random moments and occasionally took them by surprise when I would photograph them unexpectedly. By the end of the week however, they became used to it and didn’t even notice my camera at moments. Here, are the best images I captured to embody this original concept of time.