Come and Get It

My Projects

I was asked for this project to edit footage together to create the above video. To accomplish this, I picked through a variety of footage provided to me and editing them together using Adobe Premiere Pro. The footage for this clip required detailed attention to be edited together to create a coercive fight scene with SFX elements added in to add to the intensity of the scene. Since the original video did not come with any sound effects for the fight scene, I chose sounds from the DePaul University sound library to add to the video. The music added to the clip was found on YouTube, I do not own the rights to the song itself, it was just used for the purpose of this assignment. After spending a great deal of time choosing certain camera angles and picking just the right sound effects, I completed this video. Enjoy Come and Get It.

How I chose what shots to use

One of the most difficult challenges as an editor is to pick certain shots and tie them together to make story. For this assignment, I made a lot of unique choices when it came to telling the story of this fight scene. But ultimately the choices came down from what perspective do I want to tell this story. Is it about the bad or this girl or the guy who comes in to save the day? Once I knew that I wanted the focus to be on this bad buy and how he plays a part in it all, I could choose the best shots that emphasize this.

What I’m Proud of vs. What I want to Improve on

There are a few things that I am proud of that I did for this project. The first thing would be that I chose the cleanest shots I could find in the footage provided to tell the best story I could with my editing. As well, I am proud of the elements of slowing down and speeding up that are inserted into this fight scene. It helps with the intensity of what is happening on screen.

For the things I would like to improve on, my biggest concern is the audio. I do not like working on sound design in Premiere Pro, I feel that it is very limiting. Unfortunately, for this assignment I only had access to Premiere Pro to create this project and accomplish the tasks assigned such as adding music and SFX. If I could fix this project, I would scrap the audio all together and begin fresh in Avid Pro Tools to create the best audio I could for this video.