Box of Shadows

My Projects

I was asked for this project to sound design the effects for the video below. To accomplish this, I chose from a variety of sounds in the DePaul University music library and mixed them using Avid Pro Tools. The video was provided to me for the purpose of this assignment with only dialogue and any SFX that were captured on set. There were elements of the original clip that needed fixing, so I also adjusted the levels of the characters voices in addition to adding SFX. After spending a great deal of time adjusting levels and picking just the right sounds, I completed this video. Enjoy Box of Shadows.

How I chose what sounds to use

While there were certain guidelines for this assignment that I had to follow, a lot of the sounds I chose were supplementary to what I had to do. To best pick the sounds, I watched the video provided a few times over to get familiar with what was happening in this scene. Then when I went in search of sounds, some I looked for specifically because I knew I wanted a certain sound, but some inspired me when looking for certain sounds. One example of a sound that inspired me was the grandfather clock. I was looking for the sounds of cogs turning for the box and I found this grandfather clock which become a soft of theme for this scene. Then when I warped it in Pro Tools, it seemed to fit well with the eeriness of scene.

What I’m Proud of vs. What I want to Improve on

There are quite a few elements that I am proud of for this project. The first one being the grandfather clock and how it plays a role in setting a sort of theme in this short clip. It’s reoccurring and gets tied to this box as to let the viewers know when the person inside it is coming in and out of this other dimension. The second thing I’m proud of are all the sounds I ultimately ended up choosing for the box as they all sort of play off each other. Instead of just one or two simple sounds, there are many going at once and that is because you can see many elements visually moving all at once.

One thing I would like to improve on are a couple of sounds that I sort of settled with. I didn’t love the choices for a couple things like where he moves through the wall or down the hall. I would have liked to choose different sounds there, but I couldn’t quite find the sounds I was envisioning in the sound library. So I would either record the sounds myself and use them or keep searching. I know that when we watched these assignments in class, some of my classmates chose those specific sounds I was looking for so it is possible that I can find them within the DePaul music library.